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Hello friends and stalkers,

I have created a new space where I will be posting sketches, drawings, paintings, and works in progress, as well as random brain droppings and interesting finds. I HAVE FOUR FOLLOWERS. Seriously, I should have 4 million...jk, but surely there's more of you out there with tumblrs. Feel free to post your tumblr link in the comments or message it to me. I want to create a network of artists and freethinkers. 

Come find me:
For Salesies!

Also, i'm currently excepting commissions! $30 for digital girl, $50 for ink girl 
That's right, friends. I'm now open for commissions of lovely ladies. $30 for wacom (digital) and $50 for ink. Send me a message on my facebook page: for details, and while you're there like it to see more sketches and things that I don't post to dA. LET THE DRAWING BEGIN.
New facebook page!

Paintings for sale:…

Prints/iPhone skins/laptop skins, etc for sale: